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New eBook Unveils the World’s First Jewish Ghetto

Commemorating 500 Years to the Venice ghetto in a new interactive eBook by the World Jewish Travel.

03 MAY 2016, TEL AVIV

As Israel prepares to mark the annual Holocaust memorial day, a new eBook brings to light the origins of Jewish segregation in Europe, unveiling the remarkable, yet little known stories behind the Venetian Ghetto, the world’s first Jewish ghetto, dating back 500 years.

The World Jewish Travel announces the release of its Special Edition eBook, ‘A Journey Through the Venetian Ghetto’. This unique interactive travel guide highlights Venice’s ghetto on its 500 years commemoration, honoring its historical importance as the first Jewish ghetto to have ever existed.

Unveiling the stories behind the walls of the ghetto, the eBook brings about an unexplored side of one of the world’s most famous cities; It is a digital gateway to some of the most significant origins of modern Jewish culture. Consisting of intriguing anecdotes, historic sites of great importance to Jewish heritage, special commemoration events, ethnic eateries, walking trails and more, A Journey Through the Venetian Ghetto uncovers many long-awaited hidden gems.

After years of being hidden and unexplored, buried under a layer of seductive and powerful clichés, the key stories of the Venetian ghetto are finally starting to unveil with this great new ebook Prof. Shaul Bassi University Of Venice

The year 1516 marked the first recorded use of the term ‘ghetto’, derived from the local dialect. It was used by the city of Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted; The Venice Ghetto was the place where Jewish segregation re-entered the modern world, planting the seeds to some of the most prominent milestones in the history of the Jewish people.

Much like all other WJT digital products, this eBook sets out to promote an innovative sustainable approach to preserving Jewish culture worldwide by promoting digital tourism, while using leading-edge technologies. Combining curated content, along with high resolution multimedia and interactive features, the eBook offers a vital and unique Jewish cultural experience, whether a virtual or live.

The beauty of the Venice Ghetto is that its narrative will mean different things to different people… we encourage you to use this eBook to explore your own unique way of connecting to these stories and this part of our shared history Jack Gottlieb, WJT Founder

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