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World Jewish Travel Launches Dark Tourism Page on United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day

Inaugurating the Dark Tourism Portal: Honoring Memory, Embracing Reflection

This portal invites visitors to explore  the “dark” episodes of Jewish history such as the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, and the heart-wrenching events of Black Saturday on October 7th. Through immersive storytelling, this portal invites visitors to explore the sites and events related to the major upheavals impacting Jews. This initiative stands as a testament to WJT's commitment to preserving historical narratives and promoting a culture of remembrance. The Dark Tourism page also serves as a solemn tribute to the resilience of the Jewish to overcome and rebound from these upheavals.

WJT recognizes the significance of commemorating not only the tragedies of the Holocaust but also pivotal events like the October 7th massacre in Israel. In regard to Black Saturday, you can find references to Kidnap Square in Tel Aviv as well as the exposition currently being shown in Nova Field. There are also many listings of guides and tour operators who offer solidarity packages to the South.  

As the world pauses to commemorate and remember the Holocaust, this new portal contextualizes these dark episodes along a historical continuum. What distinguishes the Holocaust from the Inquisition? How do both these events compare to Black Saturday? WJT recognizes the ethical dilemmas surrounding disaster tourism and, through this initiative, seeks to guide visitors sensitively to sites that bear witness to man's inhumanity towards fellow beings, particularly the Jewish community.

This venture responds to the challenges faced in commemorating cataclysmic events like the Holocaust and particularly, Black Saturday. Until a more fitting memorial can be established, the Dark  Portal's "Black Sabbath" category offers a means for solidarity, allowing individuals to pay respects through organized tours and stand in unity with Otef Aza(the Gaza border communities).

On January 27th, 2024, join World Jewish Travel in this pivotal launch as we embark on a journey through time, embracing the past to shape a more enlightened future. Visit World Jewish Travel to explore the Dark Tourism page and participate in the culture of remembrance and reflection.

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