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World Jewish Travel Unveils Virtual Alternatives for Passover and Easter Celebrations

To overcome the challenges of reaching Israel during this holiday season, World Jewish Travel (WJT), has decided to help the armchair traveler to experience the richness of Passover and Easter from the comforts of their own home. 

Traditionally, Passover and Easter are occasions for physical travel, often leading tourists to the sacred city of Jerusalem. Recognizing the difficulty of traveling to Israel, World Jewish Travel encourages travelers to embrace the holiday spirit while considering an alternative path. Through our Virtual Israel Portal, we invite you to embark on a digital journey that preserves the essence of these cherished occasions.

Embarking on a virtual journey, travelers have the opportunity to both explore and deeply connect with the profound significance of Passover and Easter in a secure and immersive manner. The Virtual Jerusalem page seamlessly brings the cultural wealth of Passover to your fingertips. This becomes a meaningful experience during the observance of Passover. The splendor and significance of Jerusalem during the Easter season can be experienced from the safety of your home through the Virtual Christian Israel Portal.

Additionally, in our dedication to fostering learning and exploration, we've introduced the WJT Scholar page, offering a wealth of online educational opportunities. There you can find insightful lectures about communities, iconic sites and events in Jerusalem as well as the rest of Israel. These resources aim to enrich your understanding of Jewish and Christian heritage in Israel.

In a world where physical travel to Israel may be problematic, World Jewish Travel invites you to embark on a secure and enriching virtual journey, celebrating the cultural and religious significance of Jerusalem, Passover, and Easter. 

As we navigate the challenges this year of traveling to Israel, World Jewish Travel remains committed to bridging tradition and innovation. Our Virtual Portals represent more than just a digital alternative; it's a testament to resilience and inclusivity. By bringing the essence of Jerusalem and the Holy Land into homes worldwide, we are prioritizing convenience without compromising the spirit of Passover and Easter celebrations. This is a testament to our dedication to cultural enrichment, accessibility, and the enduring strength of shared traditions. WJT Founder and CEO, Jack Gottlieb

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