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New eBook Spices Up Your Next Trip to Israel

WJT releases its first in a series of eBooks designed to promote Jewish travel, identity, and ethnicity around the world

Tel Aviv, Israel

This coming winter, the World Jewish Travel will be releasing its first eBook titled 'Israel's Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants'. This will be the first in an upcoming series of eBooks designed to promote Jewish travel, identity, and ethnicity around the world. The series will be comprised of a range of eBooks endorsed by experts in the various fields.

'Israel's Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants' includes a variety of hand-picked destinations, intertwining with their trails. This flavourful edition was compiled by a highly regarded foodie and endorsed by one of Israel’s top chefs and food critic, the names of whom will be announced upon it’s release. This eBook not only contains 100 of Israel’s finest ethnic restaurants but moreover a collection of trails, festivals and events held around the country.

The eBook series is enhanced with quality media, from video to audio features, offering travelers a variety of resources. People of all ages can benefit from this media platform which contains an array of rich content including elements such as Spain’s significant Jewish landmarks and Jewish festivals hosted in various locations globally.

Locals and tourists alike will be able to take full advantage of this useful edition and get a chance to experience traditional restaurants which prior to it’s release had been mostly under the radar. This eBook is designed to take visitors and native Israelis off the beaten path and guide them towards a tastier Jewish experience.


It's an answer to the eternal question we all ask when travelling abroad: 'where can I eat authentic local food?'... well, now you know exactly where to go! Jack Gottlieb, Founder and President, World Jewish Travel

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World Jewish Travel is a unique non-profit organisation which provides an innovative and comprehensive digital platform, a ‘Jewish Tripadvisor’, to promote Jewish cultural travel. It helps users to discover and experience Jewish culture around the world. The platform’s unique cultural content includes sites, events, eBooks, and blogs in addition to service partners such as guides, tour operators, hotels, and restaurants.

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